Metropolis Lounge Closes!

ST. THOMAS – In a Facebook status posted on August 29th, Metropolis Lounge announced that they will be closing their doors for good.

“Metropolis Lounge would like to thank STT for all their support and patronage. Unfortunately, due to the VI Government that states ” that the people that attend events at Metropolis Lounge attract violent and criminal behavior” they have forced Metropolis Lounge to close our doors. We do not agree with VI Government with what they stated in reference to the STT People. Again thank you to everyone that has supported Metropolis Lounge. We hope during the time it was open that everyone enjoyed themselves and can take away a memorable experience as Metropolis Lounge was established for the locals. THANK YOU STT!!”

As we bid farewell to an excellent venue, we welcome two more into the Melee Media family: Sibs Restaurant on Mafoli Hill, and Bistro 4560 in Tillet Gardens.  To advertise at these venues, contact us today at 340.244.9224!