• 35% of respondents were ages 18-24

• 44% were ages 25 to 34

• 14% were ages 35 to 44

• 7% were 45 and older

The education breakdown was:

• 12% with high school or less

• 26% with some college

• 47% college graduates

• 12%with graduate degrees

• 3%with postgraduate work

Activities in the past 30 days, according to the Audits & Surveys study, broke down to:

•Accessed the internet at home or work, at 67%

•Went to a movie theatre, at 66%

•Bought a music CD or tape, at 61%

•Went to a health club, at 45%

•Attended a concert or show, at 35%

•Made a purchase over the internet, at 31% Also 26% of respondents visit a bar or nightclub twice a week, 24% once a week, 20% three times a week, and 13% four times a week. Daily visits were reported by 3%. Groups can be tightly targeted. For instance, Hispanics, African Americans, gays, sports fans and tourists can be singled out. “The most interesting thing about restroom advertising is micro-targeting,” Roche says. “There’s a highly targeted delivery of demographics and psychographics.” According to research noted by Media Life