A Rice University study showed that men spend approximately 1 minute in the restroom, while women spend approximately 2-3 minutes. The audience is physically idle so they literally have no choice but to read the ad and statistics have shown that they are 98% receptive to this specific medium.


Better retention leads to better branding. The idleness of 1-3 minutes to read the ads, which is significantly longer than average, along with seeing the ad multiple times at different places leads to much better retention of the advertisement.


The audience has proven, by being at installation locations, that they are capable of making a purchase and have discretionary income to spend. The average age is 21-54 years old, which is the age group that does the most spending, and the advertiser can be precisely gender specific inside the group. The level of disposable income of specific consumer groups can generally be indicated based on where they dine out, allowing the advertiser to target specific consumers.


Indoor billboard advertising boasts the lowest cost per thousand impressions; about a half cent per reader.