Did you know the average American is exposed to over 3000 advertisements per day? How will your company STAND OUT!

NEWSPAPER: Will your ad be seen before the newspaper hits the recycle bin? Which newspaper should you advertise in? Now which section, of the paper do you choose?
RADIO: Which stations will you advertise on? Which stations really target your market? There are only a certain number of minutes each hour that can be sold on any radio station. Prime time minutes are expensive. If you do not advertise in prime time, you have to advertise more often to be effective, and that will drive the cost up. The main problem with radio is that anyone who listens is expecting to hear music or talk radio, not commercials. Commercial free listening is the reason for Satellite Radios fast and growing success.
TELEVISION: First, choose a channel…. Among these stations now you must choose a program. Surveys reports, advertisers are in a confusing environment where media audiences are elusive and Inattentive, and consumers are jaded and demanding. If you watch TV, you know how true this really is. Channel changing or switching to the internet to watch your favorite shows- commercial free..

DIRECT MAIL: equals junk mail! Do you throw it away without opening ? If you advertise by direct mail Is your time and money being thrown away?

MAGAZINES: In the Caribbean and U.S. alone, the Magazine Publishing Association lists over 16,700 different magazines. Which ones do you choose? What magazine will target your market best??

So many variables, questions and unknowns… Melee Media indoor advertsing makes it simple.  We market your business or service to the desired demographic, gender and age group. Advertise with us and see the difference!